The Velox Robot Easily Handles Various Surfaces on Land and at Sea

 - Dec 12, 2018
References: newatlas & gizmodo
Robots often draw inspiration from Mother Nature and the Velox robot follows this concept by taking design elements from undersea creatures like cuttlefish. Created by an engineering firm called Pliant Energy Sytems, the Velox robot features a pair of long, flexible fins that are powered by eight actuators. These fins are incredibly useful to the robot and allow it to easily traverse land-based and aquatic environments.

While on land, the fins of the Velox robot work like treads and allow the robot to easily navigate difficult terrain in an almost mesmerizing fashion. When in water the fins move in a more recognizable way by essentially paddling through the water like a stingray or cuttlefish. The Velox robot can also traverse less rigid surfaces, like snow and sand, by combining both movement capabilities to essentially swim through the surface.