- Dec 8, 2018
For kids eager to learn and adults who can't help but continuously encourage them, this list of educational toy gifts is the holy grail of holiday catalogs. A strong focus of the examples here falls on programming, engineering, STEM research, cognitive development and even cooking. From Makeblock's Codey Rocky Robot that teaches entry-level STEM and its Neuron Explorer Programming Kit to Megahouse's 3D Pig Dissection Puzzle and Clara Fessler's sustainability-teaching Fytó, the possibilities are virtually endless as the festive season reaches full swing.

Entertainment is a potent and enjoyable aspect of everyone's life. However, there is immense value to be found in child-focused products that infuse playtime with a productive, knowledge-based feature. Thus, educational toy gifts are definitely going to be an interesting and worthwhile investment.

From Interactive STEM Education Storybooks to VR Cooking Toys: