The 'Misty II' Robot is Suitable for Beginners or Advanced Users

 - May 4, 2018
References: mistyrobotics & newatlas
Robotics are showing up almost everywhere but haven't become commonplace in the average home given the high cost associated, which is something the 'Misty II' robot aims to change.

Created with students, developers and makers in mind, the robot boasts a 4K camera on the head portion that is reported to recognize both faces and objects. The Occipital 3D depth sense is paired with dual IR cameras that enable the robot to perform three-dimensional room mapping to ensure it can navigate any space with total ease.

The 'Misty II' robot from Misty Robotics is outfitted with a pair of hifi speakers, connectivity ports in the rear and has been created to be programmed by beginners or advanced users to perform tasks accordingly.

Image Credit: Misty Robotics