- Dec 9, 2018
The DIY community can be fairly difficult to shop for, because of their insistence on making their own products, but this list of gift ideas for DIYers offers customized kits and tools that are sure to appeal to any fan of self-made goods.

Buying a boat can be a fairly expensive purchase and building one from scratch can be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, the 'Rapid Whale Mini Boat' offers DIYers the chance to build their very own aquatic cruiser. While the boat may not be able to hold any extra passengers, its compact nature makes the boat quite easy to assemble and stow away. The DIY kit for the 'Rapid Whale Mini Boat' doesn't require any extensive tools and can be assembled using nothing but stitch-and-glue techniques.

Also featured on this list is a DIY vegetable fermentation kit. Packed with all the essential tools for fermentation, the kit allows users to easily create their own pickled goods at home. The kit helps ensure that projects do not end in disaster and provides all the tools for novice fermenters.

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