The 'Pileatus' Claw Hammer Brings a Modern Touch to the Toolbox

 - Apr 10, 2018
References: yankodesign
The conceptual 'Pileatus' claw hammer has been designed as a modern piece of equipment for the handyman who's looking for a stylish way to update their toolbox. Featuring an avian-inspired design that looks almost like a woodpecker, the hammer features an aerodynamic aesthetic that makes it perfect for performing at-home DIY projects.

The 'Pileatus' claw hammer is the design work of Shivangi Vasudeva and identifies what can be done to breathe new life into antiquated products that haven't been changed much over the years. As consumers seek out ornate designs for even simple, everyday products, we could continue to see designers taking more artistic freedom to create objects that have a stronger modern flair. The hammer is accented with a red interior section to create further visual intrigue for the end user to enjoy.