- Dec 8, 2018
Tackling the outdoors means being prepared for almost any situation, and this list of outdoorsy gift ideas ensures that any nature lovers will never be stuck without the right tool for the job.

Featured on this list is a compact survival shovel, known as the TUSK. Designed for inclement winter conditions, this impressive tool focuses primarily on clearing large snow drifts and chipping away at small ice chunks. The TUSK is comprised of an impact-resistant chassis and a retractable steel digging spade. While the tool is incredibly robust and durable, the TUSK is also quite compact and can easily be stowed under a car seat or in a backpack.

Also included on this list is a non-toxic mosquito repelling wearable. Known as the Bandito, this distinct wearable utilizes a combination of sound and scent to keep aggressive insects at bay. The audio component is almost completely silent to humans, while the scent portion utilizes citronella, peppermint, and lemongrass.

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