The Tentsile 'Trillium' Triangle Hammock is Comfy and Supportive

 - May 29, 2018
References: tentsile & thegadgetflow
The Tentsile 'Trillium' triangle hammock has been created as heavy-duty piece of equipment to use in nature when camping, in your backyard or when traveling to enjoy the outdoors in a different way.

The hammock stays secured thanks to heavy-duty watches and wedding, while the reinforced seat belt material provides enhanced support that will never tear or fray. The hammock offers ample space for three people to comfortably relax or even sleep thanks to the clever design that can also be paired with a roof portion to provide protection from the elements.

The Tentsile 'Trillium' triangle hammock can even be used to create a multi-level hanging campsite that will provide protection from predators, and ensure you stay comfortable and dry all night long.