The 'Base 15' Daypack Lends Style & Sophistication to Every Situation

 - May 31, 2018
References: douchebags & douchebags.echoscomm
It's all well and good to have specialized backpacks for different activities, but life has a strange way of throwing surprises in your daily routine, which is precisely where the Base 15 multipurpose backpack has you covered. This beautifully crafted backpack is the creation of Scandinavian company Douchebags, which embraces the irreverent when it comes to its personal branding, but is dead serious about elevating the oft-stale backpack category.

One of the most annoying things about typical backpacks is that they look crumpled and ugly when not filled out with contents, an aesthetic and comfort issue that the Base 15 circumvents through the use of lightweight ribbing. Douchebags is also aware that customers who pick up the Base 15 will, in all likelihood, be drawn towards its other quality offerings as well, which is precisely why the Base 15 comes equipped with a proprietary hook-up system that can be used to attach the backpack to any Douchebags rolling bag.

This multipurpose backpack has a 15" laptop compartment to keep beloved laptops safe and sound, making it perfect for regular urban jaunts. But with a 15-liter carrying capacity, it's also your best friend if you're looking to escape the urban jungle to spend a day in the great outdoors.

Whether you're heading to the beach for a spot of relaxation, strolling up the block to the coffee shop or sprinting through the airport gate to catch a flight, the Base 15 bag will guarantee that you have all your pertinent essentials on you, as well as enough style points to get you through whatever the day might bring.