- Dec 16, 2018
There are many unique and sport culture-appropriate gifts for skateboarders on the market. From graffiti-inspired streetwear lines and durable footwear to pop culture-referencing decks, there is definitely no shortage of ideas this holiday season.

One of the most noteworthy example in this list includes a illustrated collection of Rick and Morty-inspired skateboards that will immensely delight the sci-fi fan. Another streetwear brand that produces a continuous range of products that would make wonderful gifts for skateboarders is adidas Skateboarding. WIth an emphasis on creating the most flexible and durable footwear, as well as top-of-the-line comfortable clothes, the brand's venture into skate culture is guaranteed and backed up by renowned skateboarding legends such as Mark Gonzales.

From Fashionable Skate Collaborations to Colorful Gopnik Streetwear: