These Andalé Accessories Promise to Sweeten One's Ride

 - Feb 12, 2018
References: thankyousupply
Skateboard bearings are a necessary feature for every deck because they work toward eliminating the friction produced between the metal inside of each wheel and the metal axle it spins around. Andalé products offers a tasty twist on this rather bland accessory for skateboard decks.

The company spices up the look with its Green Hot Sauce and Mariano Hot Sauce Pro Rated Bearings, as well as sweetens the deal with the adorable Donut Wax Pro Rated Bearings. The product comes with eight skateboard bearings and four bearing spacers, packaged with two solid wax donuts. The model is athlete-designed and tested by pro skater Daewon Song to ensure strength, speed and performance during high impact.

Photo Credits: Thank You Supply