- Dec 18, 2018
These 2018 fashion photography innovations range from sticker-adorned beauty portraits to empowering sneakerhead editorials that celebrate females in an industry that is often male-dominated. Standouts include Girl on Kicks' 'Logo Craze' series which pays homage to iconic athleticwear and streetwear brands like adidas, Supreme, Off-White and more. The image series is captured by photographer Watya Patmo and is reflective of lifestyle blog Girl on Kicks' female-empowering message.

Other notable 2018 fashion photography examples include BEAUTY SCENE's 'Label' editorial by Karolina Harz. The series spotlights sticker makeup looks and is a whimsical photo set which will appeal to a Gen-Z audience. Moreover, digital models like Shudu -- computer generated by photographer Cameron James-Wilson -- are replacing human subjects, going as far as collaborating with major fashion houses on both traditional and social media campaigns.

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From Digital Models to Stickered Beauty Portraits: