Aries Introduced Its Comfy & Stylish Designs Through HBX

 - Apr 16, 2018
References: hbx & hbx
When it comes to 80s-inspired fashion, labels are quick to jump to the chromatic and in-your-face patterns that are characteristic of the era. However, in the 'Holograms' editorial by HBX, contemporary streetwear brands Aries, Richardson and Ashley Williams showcase their take on 80s-inspired fashion. The photoshoot, conducted by Kara Chung, highlights provocative latex pencil skirts, stylish elbow-high gloves and comfy-looking lightweight tracksuits.

The spotlight of this blurry HBX editorial falls on the introduction of womenswear label Aeries, which focuses on the deconstruction of "a lost or broken civilization" and seeks to make use of the ruins. The label's Spring/Summer 2018 collection boasts Italian- and 80s-inspired fashion with references to Ancient Greek art and a distinctly noticeable 'No Problemo' motif.

Photo Credits: Kara Chung