Idle/idō Searches for Equilibrium in Colored Photographs

 - Jan 29, 2018
References: idleido & highsnobiety
Malaysian company Idle/idō explores "the possibility of achieving perfect balance" in its cinematic fashion editorial. The photographs depict the models in lo-fi images, taken in an urban landscape. The overall grain quality in the shots boast the romantic aspects of independent cinema and the hauntingly beautiful idea of isolation and anonymity in the big city; perhaps searching for equilibrium means finding the correct balance between the self and the ever-changing dynamic of the city.

Idle/idō draws inspiration from Japanese culture, with a strong emphasis on "acceptance of transience and imperfection." The result is contemporary unisex streetwear with strong ties to traditional Japanese clothing designs. For instance, the 'Equinimity' Noragi is a black viscose piece with minimalist gray detailing and a conventional Kimono composition, fitted to both male and female silhouettes.

Image Credit: Nelson Chong