From 360-Degree Neckbands to Futuristic Streaming Sunglasses

 - Feb 24, 2018
While its true that one can take a picture if they want it to last longer, the February 2018 photography trends show that technology is changing rapidly — in other words, a picture might not last as long as was once assumed. With advancements in photography, picture formats are changing at a blistering pace, let alone the different media through which people now consume images in general.

One of the common threads throughout the February 2018 photography trends is the rise of life-logging. Portended by the rise of vlogging and even constant updates on Instagrams, life-logging simply takes the next step and broadcasts every single second of people's daily lives. Several different companies have released special cameras designed for this type of use, such as neck-worn 360-degree camera and even HD cameras embedded directly into stylish sunglasses.