Google Clips AI Breaks Down Good Photography into an Algorithm

 - Jan 27, 2018
References: pocket-lint & engadget
Google Clips AI is set to run the mini camera as was trained by professional photographers. When the Clips was first debuted many wondered why this product was necessary. With the expansion of quality on smartphone cameras, it made sense to question Google's decision to create a wearable camera, but thanks to impressive AI many of these criticism were quickly squashed. The AI used in the Google Clips is designed to identify algorithms that produce the best photo. The wearable camera is set to automatically capture moments and with the training of photographers, it will be able to capture them in beautiful composition.

Google Clips AI is the driving innovation behind the wearable camera and was created through a process of trial and error. Figuring out the algorithm to decipher good photography was a particular hurdle, but thanks to the inclusion of a documentary filmmaker, a photojournalist, and a fine arts photographer this system was easily trained to understand composition and what makes a good photo. Google has admitted that while the AI is sophisticated, it will still make some errors. It can ensure good framing and proper focus, but it may not be able to recognize the prime subject of the photo.