MIT CSAIL Created ColorFab to Cut Down on Material Waste & Curb Buying

 - Jan 30, 2018
References: techcrunch
The Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT developed color-changing 3D printing technology called ColorFab. Researchers from MIT CSAIL were investigating a way to introduce color-changing properties to the process of 3D printing in an effort to decrease material waste. This concept is also a way to make 3D printing for manufacturing more attractive to consumers.

Comparable to e-ink, ColorFab can also be used to make complicated patterns and goes beyond more simplistic color-changing systems. The team of researchers want to be able to update the surface of products and consequently, prevent consumers from impulse shopping and seeking the latest thing. Professor Stefanie Mueller explains "We asked the question of whether there’s any way to update existing products without needing new materials."