This Rights Management Platform Uses Cryptocurrency for Fairness

 - Jan 10, 2018
References: kodakcoin & businesswire
Photography giant Kodak has announced a partnership with WENN Digital to launch an innovative new image rights management platform, dubbed KODAKOne, that is designed to make it easy for photographers across the board to wrest control of their image rights.

What makes this particular image rights management platform so enticing is the fact that it will be powered by a photo-centric cryptocurrency dubbed KODAKCoin. The KODAKCoin cryptocurrency will power the creation of a platform that will offer an encrypted and secure ledger of photography rights, allowing photographers to submit and track their creations, which they can offer for licensing if they choose.

Given the myriad challenges associated with image rights in a digital world, the KODAKOne image rights management platform and associated KODAKCoin could prove to be a godsend for photographers, making it easier for them to be paid fairly and given due credit for their work.