From High Tech Flamethrowers to Cryptocurrency-Inspired Pop Groups

 - Feb 24, 2018
In the basketball world, a tech is a bad thing, giving the opposing team a free throw and possession of the ball, but the February 2018 tech trends here show that in the regular world, tech is a very good thing. From neural networks to cryptocurrency, technology increasingly seems like it will guide the direction of humanity's future — as it consistently has informed the development of humanity in the past — which makes the February 2018 tech trends all the more exciting.

Cryptocurrency has been the topic of note for the past few months, with the speculative technology's meteoric rise in October of 2017 (and its steady fall over the past few months) dominating the financial media and the popular media as a whole. In Japan, where cryptocurrency is even more generally accepted than in North America or Europe, the buzz around cryptocurrency has reached a literal fever pitch. A J-Pop girl group called Kasotsuka Shojo has recently emerged, and everything about the band is cryptocurrency-related, from their song lyrics to their costumes.