The Robomart Brings Vegetables and Produce To Your Door

 - Jan 11, 2018
References: robomarts & newatlas
A California-based startup by the name of Robomart is looking to solve the age-old problem associated with the effort of getting up to go grocery-shopping by creating an autonomous car concept that is designed to bring fresh produce to your door.

Grocery deliveries are hardly a new innovation, but the current system has a number of issues, one of them being that perishable fruit and vegetables are often well past their prime by the time they reach customers' refrigerators. What's more, produce is one of those things that requires customer consideration and selection, because not all heads of cauliflower are born equal.

This is where the Robomart car concept comes in. This electric vehicle can be summoned with a smartphone app, and shows up at customers' homes with a selection of produce that users can select, before paying on-site.

By maximizing quality of product and ease of customer experience, the Robomart car concept could revolutionize the way we shop for fresh produce.