Google Arts & Culture's Latest Update Reads Faces to Find Lookalikes

 - Jan 15, 2018
References: inverse & engadget
The latest update to Google Arts & Culture allows users to find their fine art doppelganger using Google facial recognition. The new software uses a selfie, taken by the user, and analyzes it using image recognition software to find the best match for the face from a collection of 70,000 pieces of art. The app will then present one's face beside a doppelganger with a match percentage, and allows users to share the results on social media. Based on early results, the image recognition software is incredibly adept with only a few mismatches.

Google's facial recognition software is not the first of its kind, but its accuracy and ability to pair with a database is perhaps the greatest innovation of this update. The recognition software essentially reads the face of the user, creating a "faceprint" of unique characteristics, then verifies it against a database of existing information.

Google is one of a number of companies investing in facial recognition and boasts a 99.63% accuracy rating. This software is not perfect, but the release of the Google Arts & Culture update allows users to play around with the emerging software and will help further Google facial recognition AI.