- Mar 8, 2018
These branded photography initiatives demonstrate the ways in which businesses are leveraging the creative medium to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Brands are implementing selfie stations into brick-and-mortar locations to grab the attention of consumers on-the-go. Examples of this include the photo booth located at the Paco Rabanne perfume pop-up at Panema's Tocumen International Airport. This ingenious installation deviates from the typical offerings of an airport duty-free shop and enables travelers to engage with the brand both online and offline. On a similar note, SHISEIDO opened a store which features an in-house studio that's equipped with everything guests need to take the perfect selfie: flattering lighting, lots of mirrors, unique backgrounds and makeup.

Other notable initiatives include the integrated photo booth in the Soofa - a public phone charging station that uses technology to change the way consumers interact with their surroundings. When charging their phone at this station, consumers can keep themselves entertained by uploading images from the photo booth to their social media accounts.

From Selfie Studios to Pet-Friendly Photo Booths: