This LEGO Store Produces Custom Lego Kits in a Child's Likeness

 - Feb 22, 2017
References: adweek
At the LEGO store in London's Leicester Square, LEGO fans of all ages have the chance to step into the Mosaic Maker and create a custom LEGO self-portrait kit in their image.

The Mosaic Maker seems to be a magic machine that's like a cross between a photo booth and a vending machine, in the sense that it takes a headshot and dispenses a pre-boxed kit.

Although it seems like there is a high level of customization at play here, the only thing that's created on the spot is a five-color poster-print out that can be used to direct one in assembling just 2,304 of the blocks in the 4,502-piece kit. For a price of $125, one receives thousands of LEGO blocks and a customized print.