- Feb 24, 2018
If one happens to be training for a marathon and were to sustain a left knee injury, they'd come to appreciate the gift of mobility, and the February 2018 mobile trends show just how magical mobile technology has become in recent years. On both the hardware and software fronts, mobile phones are so much more than even the name indicates; to call smartphones "phones" is to drastically mislead people with regard to the devices' capabilities.

In hardware, one of the most recent developments is a bit of a reversion to older tendencies. LG has recently released a new line of colorful G6 and Q6 phones that expand far beyond the black, silver, and gold of most smartphones today, hearkening back to a time when iPod Minis came in a handful of bright hues.

On the software side, one of the buzziest new apps has been Google's Arts & Culture app thanks to the AI its included that lets people see which famous artworks have people who most resemble them.

From Art Doppelganger Apps to Projector-Integrated Smartphones: