Razer Constructed a Laptop that can be powered by a mobile device

 - Jan 9, 2018
References: finance.yahoo & theverge
Razer is recognized for its gaming hardware and this year at CES, it introduced a smartphone-powered laptop. Titled 'Project Linda,' smartphones and laptops are merged become one using the Razor Phone by Android and the Stealth laptop. The purpose of 'Project Linda' is not to completely replace the works of a laptop, but to maximize users' gaming experiences. It grants users the choice to play their games via a keyboard, but with a much larger display than their Android-run phone.

Razer states that it also assists in serving the purpose of completing longer emails, editing lengthy documents, while simply offering a larger screen that the phone can't provide. Although it is capable of serving these functions, the main goal is to better the experience of Android gaming. With the same multiplayer activities, it did not decrease in speed on the laptop and shortcuts ran smoothly as well.

To dock the phone with 'Project Linda' is made to be simple, just drop the set into the available slot where the touch pad is placed, and then press a button. The USB-C then inserts into the phone and projects the content from the phone towards the laptop screen.