'Cake Browser' Speeds Up the Process of Searching for Sites

 - Jan 30, 2018
References: cakebrowser & thenextweb
The internet's gotten pretty sophisticated in recent years, but Cake Browser has introduced a simple mechanism that can make a user's entire browsing experience far smoother than with any competing platform. Rather than a search page built into the URL bar in the same fashion as most modern browsers, Cake Browser takes users directly to the page they've searched for, eliminating the results page altogether.

This of course invites the question: how does Cake Browser know precisely which page a person is looking for? It doesn't, but it relies on the supposition that most people are skilled enough with a search engine that they can get the result they want as the top option through the right keywords. Cake Browser takes users directly to that first option. However, if the first result isn't correct, users can swipe right to go to the next page.