From Cashless Coffee Shops to to AI Feminine Care Services

 - Feb 18, 2018
When someone claims that a topic is "none of your beeswax", they're of course referring to business rather than literal beeswax (although there is an off chance that they're referring to some sort of beeswax business); in any case, none of the February 2018 new ventures deal in beeswax, so they're certainly everyone's business.

Some of the February 2018 new ventures aim to tackle distinctly modern problems. 'HuisjeHuisje', for example, is a Dutch startup that's aiming to get people in urban areas into the right living spaces for their needs. It gives people throughout the Netherlands the ability to swap apartments rather than looking for available leases. For example, a middle-aged couple whose kids have moved out could trade with a young couple who've just had a child, reappropriating spaces to suit the changing needs of both parties.