UberEats' Acquisition of Ando is a Commitment to Quality Food

 - Jan 22, 2018
References: techcrunch & engadget
UberEATS' acquisition of Ando shows the food delivery company's commitment to quality food delivery. Ando, launched by Momofuku chef David Chang, was once a popular delivery-only New York restaurant that focused on reinventing delivery food. The David Chang-powered project designed its menu around the idea of delivery and produced items best suited for this. Everything was carefully curated from the pH balance of the food to the packaging it came in. While Ando had been working with UberEATS as far back as 2016, this latest acquisition may see more of Ando's innovation implemented into the popular food delivery platform.

While it is still unclear what this acquisition will bring, it is safe to assume that this may spawn a new initiative in which UberEATS keeps more control over the food it delivers. This idea of delivery controlled quality is already being explored by Amazon and Deliveroo, but UberEATS may be the company to crack the code on food delivery. UberEATS' acquisition of Ando is a huge step, as it not only shows a continued commitment to customer satisfaction, but may position the delivery platform in a place to start producing its own food.