Campari's NFC-Enabled Refrigerator Magnet Helps to Place Orders

 - Jan 10, 2018
References: campariamerica
In a similar way that Amazon launched the IoT Dash Button so that Prime members could easily reorder their favorite products, Campari is now introducing a NFC-enabled fridge magnet that helps consumers effortlessly place product orders.

Campari America partnered with Thin Film Electronics to create a magnet that could be used for instant ordering through the online liquor store Drizly.

To make the most of the magnet for on-demand ordering, consumers are able to tap their smartphone to the magnet to be directed to a product page on Drizly. From there, consumers are able to effortlessly place an order for everything from Wild Turkey Bourbon to SKYY Vodka or another product from Campari America's wide range. In all, six branded smart magnets are available for instant ordering.