The Bitcar Cryptocurrency Lets You Profit From Exotic Car Ownership

 - Jan 11, 2018
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Exotic car ownership is one of those things that the overwhelming majority of people will never get to experience and enjoy, but a new cryptocurrency is looking to change that by making it possible for people to profit from the ownership of exotic cars depending on their level of investment. Essentially, Bitcar makes it possible for people to purchase cryptocurrency tokens that allow them to own a fraction of a particular exotic car.

Why would anyone want to own a fraction of an exotic car? It has to do with the fact that exotic cars are one of the few products that get more and more valuable over time, as they become more rare and coveted. By using Bitcar tokens to purchase a fraction of a given car, you can also enjoy a fraction of the profits when the car is sold some years down the line.

What's more, the Bitcar platform allows token owners to vote on vehicle display and sale, making exotic car ownership a democratic experience where everyone can share on the profits.