'HuisjeHuisje' Helps Dutch Renters Trade Apartments

 - Jan 25, 2018
References: huisjehuisje.nl & popupcity.net
Urban centers are getting increasingly crowded, and the housing market can't keep up, so apps like 'HuisjeHuisje' serve to fill an important role in the urban economy. The Dutch platform lets renters in the Netherlands swap apartments with one another, but only if both parties have liked each others apartments in a matching system similar to Tinder.

While the apartment-swapping system doesn't add new apartments to the market, it helps in fitting the right renters with the spaces they need. For example, the Netherlands has many older couples whose children have moved out of their apartments, leaving plenty of unused extra space. Meanwhile, young families are living in small apartments since they can't find larger spaces at decent prices. Through HuisjeHuisje, it's simple for people from each of those situations to find each other and trade.