- Sep 28, 2017
The top September 2017 start-up trends introduce the world to a number of new ideas, including at-home blood test kits, sustainable toy cars for kids made from bamboo, and produce delivery services that exclusively focus on sharing oddly misshapen fruits and vegetables to reduce food waste. As a whole, some of the themes that are threaded through these emerging ideas include appealing to a consumer's desire to experiment with new versions of familiar products and services, those that have been reinvented with a focus on sustainability, comfort and convenience.

Some of the most noteworthy new ventures from established brands include Barclaycard launching a contactless payment ice cream truck, Bloomingdales introducing Glowhaus as a budget-friendly Millennial cosmetics brand, and The Hershey Company collaborating with Chef'd on a series of pre-measured dessert meal kits.

From B2B Experience Zones to At-Home Blood Tests: