The Zyp App Lets Consumers Order Individual Rooms to be Cleaned

 - Aug 4, 2017
References: zypapp & producthunt
Living with roommates can make it difficult to keep the entire apartment clean, but with the Zyp app, its easier to stay tidy. The cleaning service sets itself apart from other urban cleaning apps by offering the most granular service possible. Rather than ordering an entire home cleaning (and paying a premium for such a service,) users can choose exactly the rooms that they want cleaned, skipping the rest and saving money in the process.

When living in an apartment with roommates, it isn't always necessary to get a complete cleaning. One resident might keep their room spic and span, while the other might be a little more busy (to put it generously.) On the other hand, one roommate might leave the occasional plate in the kitchen while the other leaves their various hygiene products strewn about the bathroom. The Zyp app lets roommates choose the rooms they want cleaned, and its split the bill feature makes it easy to allocate who pays for what.