From Simplified Account Sharing to Student Networking Apps

 - Oct 29, 2016
Given that services and companies across the board are being benefited by streamlined buying and peer-to-peer interactions for the sake of convenience, it makes sense why many of these October 2016 share economy concepts have seen so much success.

While apps like 'Sit With Us' promote a sense of community for children who have found themselves victims of bullying by connecting them with lunch-time friends; 'Ventoura' helps travelers find affordable guides by connecting them with others who are in the area. Meanwhile, companies are beginning to experiment with the draws of home-sharing services -- with one example being the Airbnb that was created by 'Sonos' and 'Rough Trade' to promote its audio gear and records.

In all of these October 2016 share economy ideas, like-minded people are able to come together by way of a common interest or goal -- making for an experience that's generally more genuine.