This Company Uses a 3D Scanner to Build Perfectly Fitted Eyewear

 - Aug 2, 2017
References: rogerbacon-eyewear & psfk
'Roger Bacon', a Dutch eyewear company, has implemented its cutting-edge technology to ensure no one ever has to wear an ill-fitting pair of spectacles again.

Everyone's face shape is unique, rendering the myth of one-size-fits-all completely null. To combat this mentality, and to promote individuality and comfort in the eyewear industry, the start-up is creating custom-made glasses that perfectly frame one's face. The company uses a 3D scanner to measure a consumer's personal face specifications. After a digital rendering of the customer's face has been created, the company can design a unique pair of spectacles that fit just right.

This concept would largely appeal to an older market that is in need of accessories for enhancing their eyesight. Alternatively, this concept could help a younger market feel more comfortable wearing glasses that make them look great.