'Back to the Roots' Water Garden Grows Organic Herbs and Sprouts

 - Aug 16, 2017
References: backtotheroots & wired
For all the aesthetic and emotional benefits of keeping fish as pets, the tanks can get pretty gnarly, but with 'Back to the Roots'' green fish tank, fishy friends can stay clean and happy with no maintenance whatsoever. The startup's 'Water Garden' uses plants to keep the water in the tank clean; owners need never replace the water, and they'll get the added benefit of organic herbs and sprouts grown with the fish's waste.

The green fish tank is a great interactive educational resource for children. It teaches them how ecosystems function by serving as a self-contained biome in and of itself. The closed loop makes it easy for kids to understand how the plants and fish work together to create a healthy, sustainable environment. Back to the Roots sells its Water Garden with an interactive curriculum to help parents and teachers impart that information.