Dressup AI is a Digital Fashion Designer App Featuring Tailor Services

 - Aug 1, 2017
References: dressupai.bitbucket.io & betalist
This artificial intelligence-powered platform acts as a digital fashion designer in an effort to provide you with custom outfit recommendations. Based in the United Kingdom, fashion startup Dressup AI is for people seeking a personal stylist in app form.

Currently in beta -- the app will be launching officially in three weeks -- the digital fashion designer is an intelligent system suggests "beautiful fashion styles" that are suited to your body type as well as the occasion you are getting dressed for. There is also a social component, where you can share outfit pics with a broader online community. Where as many mobile social platforms focus on branding opportunities in the fashion industry, this new venture features tailoring services, helping you to "find amazing tailors" and interact with them to bring the designs to fruition.