From Dual-Recording Phones to Cephalopod Mobile Mounts

 - Sep 28, 2017
Smartphones are so ubiquitous that they've effectively co-opted the very word for movement, and the September 2017 mobile trends show that the technology isn't slowing down. Whether in terms of software or hardware, innovative mobile technology continues to be developed, giving consumers surprising and engaging new ways to make use of their everyday technology.

In the world of software, apps are embracing anonymity. The Tbh app revives the 'Honesty Box' from an earlier generation of Facebook, letting users answer questions about one another without having to worry about the social ramifications, and Sarahah is a new platform that lets users act anonymously from within Snapchat.

Hardware developments are close behind as well, with smartphones that have been tricked out to use their previous features in new ways. The newest Nokia flagship phone, for example, lets users record footage from both of the phone's camera's simultaeously.