The Claim It! App is a Marketplace for Free Stuff

 - Aug 21, 2017
References: claimitapp & mashable
Claim it! has relaunched this week, serving as an "Instagram for free stuff." Everything is better when it's free, but company-wide giveaways seem few and far between. In order to get some complimentary loot, this app compiles lists of products that companies are willing to give away for free.

The app is beneficial to both consumers and companies, as it serves as a free method of advertising for products an individual may have never considered using prior. The app acts as a marketplace for free stuff, effectively challenging consumer culture and altering the relationships between buyers and sellers.

Claim it! includes promotional deals available to anyone, anywhere, as well as geographic-specific contests. Through the app, users can enter said contests, and reap their rewards through the in-app notification system.