Blippar 'Halos' Let Users Compile 'Augmented Reality Face Profiles'

 - Aug 16, 2017
References: blippar & psfk
Blippar 'Halos' introduce an all-new way for app users to build dynamic Augmented Reality Face Profiles that are powered by real-time facial recognition technology.

Blippar established itself as a unique visual discovery app that uses augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence to connect users to the physical world around them. With the aid of the app, users are able to scan real-world objects in order to learn more. With this new feature, Blippar app users now have the opportunity to scan a person's face in order to learn more about them. Users are able to create profiles for themselves with information such as hobbies and music preferences displayed above their heads as floating bubbles.

As it stands, Blippar's Halo is said to be able to recognize "370,00 public figures" currently.