From Predictive Social Apps to Star-Studded AR Magazines

 - Sep 28, 2017
Talking to people in person is so one-dimensional; the September 2017 social media trends show that the digital world is bursting with alternative communication options. In person, social interactions consist of little more than talking to one another, reading emotions, and making genuine human connections. Online, people can look at exciting pictures, send each other hilarious GIFs, and speak in terse, grammatically incorrect phrases. Clearly, the September 2017 social media trends have far more to offer.

Showing friends how popular one is on social media is absolutely essential — it's the difference between a fulfilling life and the life of a feckless insect. Fortunately, there's a new tool that exists to help people in just this regard. 'LikelyAI' uses an algorithm to assess the dozens of similar images that users inevitably take of the same subject, selecting the one that's most likely to perform well on social media. It's an essential and important tool, clearly.