GoodGuide Helps Consumers Purchase Safe, Healthy Goods

 - Aug 9, 2017
GoodGuide is a mobile app that aims to empower consumers who want to make purchasing decisions that are safe and healthy for themselves, their family and their household.

The GoodGuide app enables consumers to scan product barcodes or conduct a search for a specific product, brand or company. Consumers will be able to see the most highly rated products on the market, as well as dive into the nutritional value of food products, as well as some of the potential health hazards of personal care and household cleaners. Through the app, users also have the chance to discover better-for-you alternatives to products that have known to be disruptive to one's health.

Some of the categories that may be browsed through the GoodGuide app include haircare, food, makeup, skincare, as well as household.