Face Dance App is Like Dance Dance Revolution for Your Face

 - Aug 21, 2017
References: play.google & mashable
There's no shortage of hilariously bizarre apps out there but 'Face Dance' app might take the cake. Accompanied by a funky soundtrack, this facial recognition-based game has gone viral across Asia because of its hilarious gameplay videos.

The game acts as a sort of 'Dance Dance Revolution,' but instead of using one's feet, one uses their face. Users are asked to mimic various emoji faces that appear across the screen, gaining points for speed and accuracy. The app's embedded facial recognition can detect whether a player's expression matches that of the selected emoji. As the music's beat picks up, emojis begin to fly across the screen, demanding the user to twist and contort their faces into hilarious shapes. The game automatically records and saves videos of each player, making for an extremely comical and easily shareable experience.