This Eco-Friendly Box Represents a Company Committed to Reuse

Much of the public recognizes that the smartphone manufacturing industry is terribly unsustainable; however, what this eco-friendly box represents is some hope surrounding a responsible use of resources. The Italian company iRigenerati refurbishes used and broken handsets, cleaning them up and tuning them up to be good as new for resale.

Consumers can benefit from a fully functional phone at a reduced price, and the satisfaction that they're giving Earth-taxing materials and production a second life. The spirit of this business is literally wrapped up in a cardboard eco-friendly box, made from recycled material at a single size, capable of accommodating all smartphones that iRigenerati restores. Designer Alessio d'Arielli has kept his concept simple and honest with minimal ink, exposing its pasteboard composition for a raw and unprocessed appearance.