Honolulu Has Implemented a Distracting Walking Ban Against Smartphone Users

 - Aug 1, 2017
References: independent & digitaltrends
With smartphones deeply ingrained into our everyday lives, the act of 'distracted walking' is becoming more and more prevalent. In an age of constant connectivity, its easy for people to forget that there's a time and a place to send a text message, and if you're in Honolulu, sending a text at the wrong place could land you a fine.

Beginning October 25th, those caught walking and texting through cross walks will face a charge between $15 and $99. Other cities have implemented precautions to protect their citizens against distracted walking, from London's padded lampposts, to Germany's pedestrian alerting crossing lights, however Honolulu is taking major steps to ensure the dangerous act come to an end.

This law is indicative of the tremendous impact smart technology has on our daily lives.