- Dec 26, 2017
These top 100 watch products demonstrate that good things can come in small packages, as the listed items fuse elegance with technology to offer consumers a luxurious wearable that serves a purpose that extends past simply telling the time.

Watches have undergone a renaissance in more recent years, as smart technology becomes integrated into everyday wearables. This is evident when considering the assortment of tech-infused watches that can perform a number of tasks including monitoring one's vitals and even making contactless payments. The recently released Aircon Watch perfectly illustrates the potential timepieces have, as it serves as a personal cooling system, that regulates one's body temperature in addition to telling the time. Also included, is the revolutionary Cito Smartwatch, that can orbit in five different directions, to make reading the watch's face easier for those with physical impairments.

Combining function with form, these watch products demonstrate that the convenience of connectivity is available in a small yet stylish wearable.

From Flora-Infused Timepieces to Orbiting Watch Faces: