Apple Watch's New Technology Can Detect an Abnormal Heart Rhythm

 - May 12, 2017
References: techcrunch
Smart technology is getting even smarter with Apple's introduction of its new disease-detecting smartwatch, which can detect an abnormal heart beat with up to 97% accuracy.

According to a study conducted through the University of California San Francisco, Apple Watches have successfully detected abnormal heart rhythms when paired with an AI-based algorithm and an app, Cardiogram. The 6,158 participants in the study were recruited through Cardiogram. Most participants had a normal EKG reading, but 200 individuals claimed to have been diagnosed with an abnormal heartbeat. Engineers and researchers then used the Apple watch app and technology to develop a system for detecting the abnormal heart rhythms.

Researchers are now using the success of the study to begin exploring the possibility of early stroke detection. Disease-detecting smartwatches are perfect examples of smart technology being utilized for life-altering or saving practices, not just entertainment or convenience.