From Orbital Faces to Disease-Detecting Smartwatches

 - Jul 10, 2017
Innovations in smartwatch technology have allowed for the computerized accessories to serve a purpose that extends past telling the time.

Like smartphones, the smartwatch can help organize and control virtually every aspect of our lives. Watches are now equipped with the ability to perform life-altering functions like detecting abnormal heartbeats or calling for assistance in the case of an emergency.

Child-friendly iterations of the wrist-worn technology exist, offering GPS tracking and walkie-talkie-like functionalities. In some cases like the 'Smartserve,' smartwatches can perform novelty tasks like streamlined ordering at restaurants. Discreetly worn on the wrist, these devices can be taken anywhere, serving as the perfect technologically infused accessory.

Innovations in smartwatch technology serve as a perfect example of how connectivity and convenience are being fit into smaller and smaller packages.