The Viband Detects Activity and Provides Help to the Wearer

 - Oct 18, 2016
References: gierad & fastcodesign
The 'ViBand' smartwatch is still in prototype stages but could completely change the functionality of the wearable device market in the future.

The watch was created by researchers from CMU and is able to detect the activities of the wearer based on what they are doing. Currently, the ViBand works by detecting the vibrations of the person's arm and interpreting them to figure out what the wearer is holding. It can identify any object that requires specific movements or has vibrations -- such as a saw, a hair dryer or an egg beater. The goal is for the ViBand to eventually help people achieve their various goals much faster.

Once perfected, this smart watch function could revolutionize the market and further convenience the lives of people who use this wearable technology.