The Seiko Chariot Quartz Movement Watch is Being Released in Japan

The Seiko Chariot is a quartz movement watch that is known by many as being the Steve Jobs watch given that the Apple co-founder wore it in a portrait taken in 1984. The inherently simple timepiece has been once again created by the brand and is set to be made available for purchase in limited quantities in Japan.

The original Seiko Chariot worn by Steve Jobs was sold by his estate for a whopping $42,500 last year, which makes the re-release of the timepiece quite timely. The simple black timepiece will be available for purchase at Nano Universe in Japan at a cost of around $180.

The Seiko Chariot quartz movement timepiece is set to be made available with 1,982 units with a classic white face with a further 300 designed with a black face.