These Unique Watches Offer Whimsical Ways to Tell the Time

 - Sep 22, 2014
Timepiece collectors looking to add a few unique watches to their collection might enjoy telling the time with a secret spy watch or a yellow submarine watch. These eccentric watch designs offer consumers a whimsical method to tell the time.

Adorning a watch on your wrist is a great way to add a bit of personalized style into your daily outfit. The classy aesthetic of a timepiece offers companies the opportunity to play around with the shape, color and even form of a watch to offer adventurous fashionistas new ways to wear watches. If you're a smoker perhaps a watch that doubles up as a lighter is a helpful wrist accessory or if you're an avid runner a pulse-reading watch might be better for you. Whether you're into Salvador Dali or you'd rather wear your watch on your finger like a ring there is a watch design that is suited to your lifestyle.